[V8] Sunroof relay/motor problems

QuickAudi at aol.com QuickAudi at aol.com
Sun Apr 18 00:01:27 EDT 2004

Ok guys, need some troubleshooting help.  My sunroof just quit working last summer.  I could push the button all I wanted, but nothing helped.  I finally got home and swapped out the relays with one from a 5k, and it started working again.  However, sometimes it seems to forget where it is.  It will roll from moonroof to sunroof without stopping, or vice versa.  Today, the relay went out again.  I actually just pulled it out of the motor, turned the car on, turned it off, put the relay back on, and turned the car back on.  This got the system back long enough for me to close the sunroof.
My questions: is the relay(s) bad, or is the motor bad, or both?  Is this what is causing it quit working, or should I start to investigate other wiring areas?
Also, why would it not stop at the closed point?  Is one of the switches bad, maybe?

'90 V8q
'86 5kcstq

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