[V8] Blue smoke

Thomas Barbera barberat at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 19 10:39:13 EDT 2004

Fellow V8 fans,
I've been noticing recently blue smoke eminating from
my tailpipe when I start the car and on acceleration. 
I'm figuring it is either the valve seals are leaking
or the oil is getting into the intake through the
crankcase breather.  Any suggestions on how i can test
for the problem without just replacing everything? 
I've heard of this problem with the crankcase
breather, but what causes it?  Yes I'm noticing
considerable oil consumption, about 1 qt every 500
miles, but I'm also leaking oil at the distributors. 
I slso need to do a compression test to make sure it
isn't my rings. My car also has the typical surging,
probably not related, probably needs an O2 sensor.    
Oh, and my car has 180k. Any help would be greatly
appreciated.  Thanks.

Tom B.
'91 V8 5spd  

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