[V8] Sunroof relay/motor problems

dsaad at icehouse.net dsaad at icehouse.net
Mon Apr 19 10:59:28 EDT 2004

I have had this problem on my V8 as well as my old 100. They both use the same 
sun roof motor. There are two micro switches on the motor assy. They go bad 
over time. I don't think they are replaceable seperatly - you have to buy the 
whole motor but I took mine apart and cleaned them up. On both cars they have 
worked fine ever since. I can not remember if they were riveted or screwed in 
place. If there are rivets then you have to carefully drill them out and bolt 
them back on with something like a 2-56 machine screw/nut - and perhaps a tiny 
dab of locktite.
The switches are quite fragile with lots of tiny springy stuff inside. Best to 
work on it in a place where you can find dropped parts.
Also remember that there is (or at least should be) a hand crank key inside the 
motor cover. You can always use that to shut the roof if the motor fails. Just 
unlock the motor with the long lever and crank with the key.

Quoting QuickAudi at aol.com:

> Ok guys, need some troubleshooting help.  My sunroof just quit working
> last summer.  I could push the button all I wanted, but nothing helped. 
> I finally got home and swapped out the relays with one from a 5k, and it
> started working again.  However, sometimes it seems to forget where it
> is.  It will roll from moonroof to sunroof without stopping, or vice
> versa.  Today, the relay went out again.  I actually just pulled it out
> of the motor, turned the car on, turned it off, put the relay back on,
> and turned the car back on.  This got the system back long enough for me
> to close the sunroof.
> My questions: is the relay(s) bad, or is the motor bad, or both?  Is
> this what is causing it quit working, or should I start to investigate
> other wiring areas?
> Also, why would it not stop at the closed point?  Is one of the switches
> bad, maybe?
> Joel
> '90 V8q
> '86 5kcstq
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