[V8] Power Steering high pressure line

Korn, Bob Bob.Korn at Fike.com
Wed Apr 21 08:55:17 EDT 2004

Send it to these folks.  They have rebuilt all my hydraulic lines.  Usually
same day turn around, they speak metric, and install swivel joints for easy
re-installation.   Very reasonable prices.  May take a couple days, but well
worth it.


90 V8 Pearl
04 F150 Supercrew

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Well I narrowed down the culprit of my power steering fluid leak.  It's at
the end of the first section of flexible high pressure hose (normally right
behind the head sheild.)  So I've pulled the line, and taken it to a couple
of hydraulics shops to see if I could get it repaired.  Unfortunately the
leak is right at the crimp end of the flexable tubing and both shops didn't
want to mess with it.

Does anyone out there with a parts car want to pull one and sell it to me? I
haven't tried to price out what just this section will cost me as I don't
need to replace the entire high pressure line.  If someone knows the part
number on this that would help calls to the parts shops as well.

As always any other advice is more than welcome...  Also here's a couple of
pics of the line one showing where the leak is.

(closeup of where it's leaking)

It's been down for only a day and a half and I miss driving it already :(

On another note, for those that have done performance upgrades... What type
of suspension tuning have people done?  I know there is a set of sport
springs available, are there stiffer sway bars available?



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