[V8] Re: V8 smog blues

Jeremy Ward jward at mti-interactive.com
Wed Apr 21 13:05:29 EDT 2004

I have heard it said before on this list that during the test, bring it
up to RPMs slowly, and drop them slowly...  Doing it to quickly causes
it to belch environmental obscenities.

Here in Portland, they have to do the sniffer test (as our DEQ doesn't
have an AWD dyno) and they have the owner do the stepping on the gas.
If you are close to passing, this might help.

If only Steven had a second car he could swap parts off of... ;-)


- Jeremy

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You might want to take the V8 out for a spin on the highway to make sure
the cats are fully up to temp.  I have heard of this helping.

-Justin Lewis

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