[V8] starter going?

Eddie Dial eddie_dial at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 22 12:15:51 EDT 2004

Sounds like the teeth on the starter may have broke. Sometimes this is due 
to the fuel pressure regulator going out which can ruin a starter or worse 
the flywheel.

>From: QuickAudi at aol.com
>To: v8 at audifans.com
>Subject: [V8] starter going?
>Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2004 17:20:35 -0400
>I think my starter is going, but I wanted to ask the list to make sure.  
>When I turn the key to crank the engine, sometimes it will make a whirring 
>noise and there is no engine action.  When I let off of the key, it does a 
>fake start for like a split second and then obviously dies.  When I turn 
>the car back off and then try to start it again, it starts with only the 
>normal hesitation.  I'm thinking the hesitation (which means it takes a few 
>revolutions for the engine to catch instead of firing right up) means that 
>the starter is getting old, but this fake start thing with the whirring, is 
>that an electrical/wiring problem, or should I just get a new starter?  
>Also, is a rebuild a bad idea?  I have 143k on this starter.  Also, is it 
>the same starter as a 5k?
>'90 V8q
>'86 5kcstq
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