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This is NOT aimed at you Scott!! You just hit one of my hot buttons.

I aint no expert - but I usually can tell that the made in china junk is just 
that. Perhaps it is all you need, but the quality is nowhere near that of real 
tools. make no mistake.

And the price? It is amazing what you can sell a product for when you pay your 
slaves - err I mean workers next to nothing, give them absolutly no benefits, 
have no pollution controls, and have no cheaper foreign competition.

I just read about a long time tool maker in the south that was finally forced 
to shut down recently. Not because they could not make a decent product at a 
fair price but because they can not compete with government sponsered slave 
I am getting tired of hearing that story.
It just seems to me that Harbor Freight is going down the same path as 
wallmart. I am looking at having my own job sent to India within 10 years and 
that does not make me happy.
The list is getting longer for products and services that are no longer 
available "Made in USA". When that list includes your job what will you be re-
trained for? 
We can't all be insurance salesmen. 
Somebody has to actually produce something or the economy will eventually fail.


Quoting S_Matus <scott_matus at yahoo.com>:

> Harbor Freight is a fantastic place.  I purchase a lot of tools there
> that are made in China and Taiwan.  If you compare the quality of the HF
> tools to that of Craftsman, SK, Mack and other, you see very little
> difference at all. ( you must examine the quality of everything you buy
> ) The price is usually 20 to 40 cents on the dollar of these higher
> priced marketers.
> I'lm on contact here in Thousand Oaks, Kaleforneea (as Steve calls it). 
> Camarillo is just over the hill, Harbor Freight's Corp HQ.  I go there
> to check out their clearance bin once a week.  I can usually pick up
> Jobber tool samples for next to nothing.  That is where I got my TB
> Spocket holder for 5 bucks.
> Scott Matus
> 2 - '90 V8s
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> Need a fender to fender engine support to hold the engine up - Harbor 
> Freight sells a nice one if you don't have access to a cherry picker.
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