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Dave Saad dsaad at icehouse.net
Fri Apr 23 23:59:51 EDT 2004

I think you completely misunderstand my (not very well laid out) point.
I do not advocate buying only "made in USA" products. I do advocate 
trading from countries who are fairly trading with us. I do advocate 
trading with companies who treat their employees at least slightly 
better than cattle. To me Germany and most of western Europe for that 
matter fit this bill. I see no irony at all in owning an Audi. I am not 
at all against foreign trade - as long as it goes both ways.
I even accept that certain types of jobs will eventually move to a 
lower cost economy.
The big picture problem to me anyway is what is the end game? What 
kinds of industry will be allowed to survive in our economy?
Again - we can not be a nation of salesmen. Somebody has to produce 
I think that in order for our (or any) economy to grow, there needs to 
be manufacturing. Service jobs do not create wealth - they just move it 
around. Manufacturing creates wealth. Creating new products weather it 
be software, hardware, tennis shoes, or whatever creates new money for 
the economy.
The bottom line I guess is that I want to make a good living. I can't 
expect you all to pay me US prices for my services if I buy all my 
stuff "cheap" from China. In order for me to live well, I have to allow 
you to live well.

This is way off topic here so I will just shut up now, and again I am 
not trying to pick on anyone. This is just something I am quite 
interested in.


On Friday, April 23, 2004, at 07:24 PM, DasWolfen at aol.com wrote:

> In a message dated 4/23/04 5:52:54 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
> dsaad at icehouse.net writes:
> The list is getting longer for products and services that are no longer
> available "Made in USA". When that list includes your job what will 
> you be re-
> trained for?
> We can't all be insurance salesmen.
> Somebody has to actually produce something or the economy will 
> eventually fail
> He says while driving a driving a german car...and demanding oem 
> parts....and .........
> see the irony?

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