[V8] Euro Lights part numbers?

John Bysinger john at bysinger.net
Sun Apr 25 20:51:35 EDT 2004

What are the differences between the us and euro versions?  I have a cracked
right lense on mine and am wondering what the benefit is for the upgrade.


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Ok, some friends in the UK have offered to pick up some lights for me, but I
need to know a couple of important things, starting with my assumption that
ALL of the lights used are the same, in that they are all 'better' models
we got here...

1) What models' lights fit a 1990 V8 - I assume the 1989-1993 100/200/V8
models have the same lights and connections?  more or less?

2) Anyone have the correct usage list and a Bosch/Audi part number?

If they find a few sets they'll probably send me extras... they owe me some
favors :)

90 V8Q
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