[V8] Overheating problem - A tribute to Audi engineering and my own stupidity

bob moy mmodels at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 26 10:32:37 EDT 2004

Sound as though you had a clogged radiator which prevented your electric fan 
from coming on.

Keith from Audi Connection did a great writeup on this subject a couple of 
years ago.  Perhaps someone from this forum still have a copy.

Considering that this car is approaching 14 years, it would be wise to 
replace the radiator instead of trying to get it boil out.

Is there white smoke coming from the exhaust?  If the answer is yes then you 
most likely have a blown head gasket.  Try running the car with the heater 
on full heat, this way if the thermostat is stuck the coolant will bypass 
the thermostat.

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