[V8] 93 S4 sport seats fitted in my car

Ron Wainwright ron_01056 at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 26 16:45:25 EDT 2004


  Thanks for the info on if the newer sport seats
would work in my 90 V8 & they do. They allso look
great in the car.
 All functions work including the heated seats &
memorie. I got a good deal on them as well spent $400
for the front seats in great condition. Well i'm
pleased with the updated look.
 Next is the 3 spoke steering wheel from the 95.5 S6
to be fitted, info on that to come.
87 5ksq many mods
90 200tqa many mods
90 V8 pearl S4 17's, Stebro exhaust, "Big Reds", 93 S4
Black sport seats

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