[V8] motor mounts R&R 90 V8

cobram at juno.com cobram at juno.com
Mon Apr 26 17:04:05 EDT 2004

Ron Wainwright <ron_01056 at yahoo.com> writes:
>   A friend of mine (not a lister) needs to R&R his
> motor mounts on a 90 V8, having never done this before
> I was wondering if any lister can help with any BTDT?
>  Looks like the header pipes are in the way to get to
> the top nut. Would using a crows foot be the best way
> (as not to rip the engine bay apart),don't want to
> open any more cans of worms than is allready open.

Here's an old post on how I did it many moons ago:

From: Cobram at juno.com
To: v8q at u.washington.edu
Finally got around to changing the long ago purchased motor mounts on the
1990 V8Q.
Here is a quick step by step for anyone wanting it:
Remove the bottom engine cover.  I suggest using a pair of bent vice
grips to hold the rubber vibration dampers on the engine cover when you
remove the 10mm nuts holding the cover on.
Remove the two side air intakes on top with the same 10mm socket.
Remove the heat shields on both sides of the engine headers. (10mm
"speed" nuts-like the ones that used to hold your "Big Wheels" pedals on)
You'll have JUST barely enough room to fit a 17mm universal socket (a
regular socket with a universal on it will NOT fit) with a THIN extension
on it over the top motor mount nut through the header pipe on the right
side.  The Left side top nut can only be removed with a box end 17mm
angle wrench. (to get over the sides of the engine mount.)
There isn't enough room to get an extension through the headers on this
side.   To remove the bottom bolts on the motor mounts, loosen the 4 sub
frame bolts and drop the sub frame enough to fit the same 17mm universal
on the two bottom nuts.  LOTS of penetrating oil recommended, as these
bolts get tight, and they are LONG.
Once the nuts and bolts are off the motor mounts, lift the engine up with
a jack. The best place I've found for lifting the left side is to place a
2X4 on the jack and lift with the top of the 2X4 on the nuts that hold
the AC compressor on.  For the right side, placing the top of the 2X4 on
alternator bracket against the engine worked well.  Lift enough to give
you clearance to remove the old engine mount and install the new ones.
As per Audi norms, "installation is reverse of removal."
One "gotcha" that happened to me..... One of bottom motor mounts bolts
was so corroded that I spun the welded-pressed in nut that the bolt goes
through.  Needed an extra set of hands to hold the bolt while I turned
the nut from the top.  Replaced it, but this time I put the bolt in from
the top and the nut on the bottom....for when I do this again in ten


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