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Dave Saad dsaad at icehouse.net
Mon Apr 26 23:30:10 EDT 2004

If your system does not need any repairs, then just add R12 and be done 
with it. It is the best refrigerant for your system.
If you have to fix some major part though, it is probably wise to do 
the conversion to the new stuff - R134a I think is the spec. Your 
system will not be quite as powerful as with R12 but it still should 
work OK.
You need at least a new compressor/clutch, drier, and orifice thingy. 
(technical term) plus whatever went wrong to cause your current problem 
for a conversion.
I have priced it out and you can expect to spend around a K buck. 
Lots of expensive parts need to be replaced is the problem. My A/C guy 
swore up and down that nobody came into his shop with  low refrigerant 
that did not need something replaced. Then he met me. He could not find 
any leaks in my factory original system so he just recharged it and I 
was good to go. Hopefully you will be as lucky. The recharge was only 
about $100. A factor of ten improvement over his estimate to convert.
I have heard tell of some cheapo conversion kits where you just change 
the fittings and refill with the new juice. I would stay away from 
that. You will only end up doing a proper conversion after it fails on 


On Monday, April 26, 2004, at 08:19 PM, Jeremy Ward wrote:

> So on my way to class tonight, I realized that I never fixed my Air at 
> the end of last Fall...
> It seems to kind of, sort of want to blow cold, but lacks the ability. 
>  I think it is safe to assume I need a recharge.
> It rings a bell that there is a new type of gas that is better than 
> the old type of gas, and some have converted their systems...  Could 
> someone explain the advantage of the conversion and the cost / 
> procedure?
> Also, who should I take it to for the recharge?  Dealer? (Just 
> kidding). Audi mechanic?  Or A\C specialist?  Assuming that I am so 
> low on gas that the low pressure switch sometimes prevents the system 
> from working, how much do I probably need, and how much should I 
> expect a recharge to cost?
> Thanks in advance,
> - Jeremy
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