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As far as I know, the G60 designation refers to the model caliper, not the VW model -- though perhaps the "Girling 60" calipers could have actually come on Corrados as well as the Audi 100/200/S4.

The OE Factory changeover used the hub and strut assembly from the S4, though I *think* any of the above models will work.  I know this is minimal info, but that's all I have.  The archives certainly have the rest.

HOWEVER, that said, mine already had the swap done when I got the car, and having driven both mine and a friend's with the UFOs, I'd have never made the change.  G60s fade like mad and suck in the wet.  They just don't belong on a 2-ton car.  UFOs might cost more to replace, but with proper braking technique, they should rarely need replacing.  My friend's UFO car had over 200k miles and was barely into its second set.


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Hi all -
Sorry to be redundant about a UFO question:

What is required for a UFO to Girling conversion?  I was told that the actual Girling setup is straight off of the
VW Corrado, and as such I could use the Corrado calipers.  My question  is this - does a guy merely pull the UFO's and remove the UFO style caliper, and bolt-in the G60 caliper?  I see Zimmerman rotors on Ebay for pretty cheap, and can also find G60's from a Corrado for reasonable as well.  Is there any other modification that is required, such as brake lines, suspension, etc?  I do not have a single manual for my V8Q, and as such have no point of reference.

Scott Baumann
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