[V8] Fw: UFO Brake Conversion

Coleman, David David.Coleman at blackrock.com
Thu Apr 29 15:51:34 EDT 2004

> Whatever merits the UFO's had when new and in good condition, 
> were lost when 
> they warped, which they always did.

Respectfully, perhaps yours "always" did, but "never" is in fact the appropriate term for my experience.  I think you're overgeneralizing something too subjective -- driving technique, conditions, and geography.  Maybe more conducive to European roads, UFOs in the US were a defeat snatched from the hands of victory.  The majority of drivers here don't have the intimate communication with the car that UFOs were designed to incorporate.  Not to get all zen or whatever.

That said, I agree completely re: BIRA setup.  I ditched my dogcrap G60s for their 996-equipped System 3 and I saw a drastic difference, in every circumstance from traffic jams to threshold braking.  Scott, I'd gladly give you my old G60 calipers, but one caveat of converting to BIRA is you can't sell the car or equipment without the buyer joining the association.  So I keep these nasty paperweights bonking around my garage just in case.

I last heard Audiconnection's Wilwood application has been shelved -- probably due to Wilwood's temperamental street-use.  Dunno.


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