[V8] Fw: UFO Brake Conversion

Coleman, David David.Coleman at blackrock.com
Fri Apr 30 09:34:17 EDT 2004

> ... on the BIRA thing, there was a place called QRS that was trying to
> package BIRA kits into turn-key solutions ... but I checked 
> the website,
> which says that they've retired and moved on to other things 

Just this past week there was an issue where a BIRA-equipped car was sold w/out the necessary paperwork being completed.  The buyer contacted BIRA for info on what the heck brakes he had (their website is stamped on the bracket), and a small can o' worms was opened... essentially a thread on the legal and moral ramifications of not sticking to your contracted word, peppered with comments as to the simplicity of printing out a single form.   Anyway, all was fine and the new buyer joined up.  QRS is still doing providing brake lines as needed, but there is no one who's willing to buck up a few thou to keep BIRA brackets in stock, especially since the profit margin is zero.

As a post script -- I wonder if Audiconnection might do well to incorporate such an agreement into any brake conversions it does too.  Not to promote frivolty, but if you don't cover your butt, it's open season...


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