[V8] UFO brakes

Coleman, David David.Coleman at blackrock.com
Fri Apr 30 10:56:19 EDT 2004

> Also, I have the cheapo pads from Advance Auto.  I have a
> very slight problem with warpage, but I don't recall that
> from before with the stock pads that were installed by the
> dealer back before I bought the car.  Would pad choice
> affect the likelihood of warpage in any way?

I'd think the less heat dissipation the rotor has to do the better to. Pads might help by disintegrating (and spitting brake dust all over the place) more rapidly.  The porsche pads on my car spray lots of dust and wear out pretty quickly, compared to the Raybestos hockey pucks in the pickup.  Same w/ the Hawk pads on my scirocco race car.   If you're heading to the track, find a set of Hawk street/track compound pads (black compound?).  I get mine from Strano in PA.  Dunno if available for UFOs, and they ain't cheap.  But lord o mighty do they work.

> brake lines all around.  I thought I would just go with
> stock rubber lines and save the stainless steel braided
> ones for a later performance upgrade, if I choose to do
> someday.

If you're replacing the lines, fergodssake put SS lines in.  Do a complete bleeding.  And no pepboys special brake fluid.  Castrol LMA as a minimum.  Again w/ the track thing, weird stuff happens out there -- high braking pressure can be much more frequent and violent than you'd ever use on the street, and rubber lines are more subject to deformation and cuts.  Piece of mind if nothing else.

Save the x-drilled zimmermans and adjustable bias for your next upgrade ;-]


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