[V8] UFO brakes

Buchholz, Steven Steven.Buchholz at kla-tencor.com
Fri Apr 30 12:39:32 EDT 2004

... it might also be interesting to keep track on "warpage" based on AT vs.
MT (I used to think that the UFO problem was correlated to this, but all
200Q20Vs have MTs and we see reports of problems from folks with MT-equipped
cars) and whether or not the belly pan is installed.  The belly pan includes
the brake cooling ducts.  My data point is somewhat inconclusive ... I have
2 MT cars, for the most part one has the pan installed and the other does
not (although there have been time when both did and others when neither
did).  As reported earlier I've never had an issue with brake pulsation on
either car ...

Steve B
San José, Kaleefohnia
> I've unwarped the UFOs with half a dozen heavy stops from about 80 mph
> followed by travel without using the brakes for several miles 
> so they can
> cool down.   I doubt the pad material plays a part in warpage.  It's
> sitting at a light after the brakes are hot with the pads 
> held against the
> rotors in one spot.
> At 08:17 AM 4/30/2004 -0600, Ed Kellock wrote:
> >I need to perform the Italian brake tune-up on mine.  In
> >general, what do any of you do when you perform this
> >procedure?
> >
> >Also, I have the cheapo pads from Advance Auto.  I have a
> >very slight problem with warpage, but I don't recall that
> >from before with the stock pads that were installed by the
> >dealer back before I bought the car.  Would pad choice
> >affect the likelihood of warpage in any way?

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