[V8] Overheating problem - ref. Keith's words of wisdom -> Where is G82?

SFevold sfevold at wwdb.org
Fri Apr 30 18:49:05 EDT 2004

(This was the "Overheating problem - A tribute to Audi engineering and my
own stupidity" thread)

Paul, thanks for the reposting of Keith's words of wisdom.  Is the G82
sensor also labeled G2 on item 16 on page 28-10-1 of the manual?   There's
also a reference to an sensor on the rear of the right head G62. 

I'm thinking that I either have a bad G83 and/or a clogged radiator.  Is
there any recommendations for a replacement radiator?  OE or aftermarket?

Thanks, Steve
90 V8 running a bit warm ever since this diagnosis was posted.

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		Think this is the post that Bob is referring to ...

		Keith, I hope you don't mind my re-posting your
words-of-wisdom below:

		I figure I better explain the circuit fully to eliminate any
confusion from
		something I stated in an earlier post.

		The following description applies to 3.6 and 4.2 cars.

		 There are two sensors, G82 on the left head, and G83 on the
radiator about
		1 inch from the outlet. Both are used by the fan control
circuit of the
		instrument cluster.

		 G82 is used by the analog temp gauge circuit and for
secondary control of
		the electric fan.

		 G83's only function is as the primary sensor for control of
the electric

		 Due to the relative locations of these sensors in the
system it is not only possible but virtually guaranteed that G83 
		<clip! - see Vol 6 Issue 23>

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