[V8] upper radiator hose

Hoffman Anthony J A1C 552 CMS/MXMVC Anthony.Hoffman at tinker.af.mil
Mon Aug 2 15:10:57 EDT 2004

I have the parts one to work from, and I've seen coppe reducers for home
plumming, just a matter of finding the right sizes. About the ends, If it is
possible to find a double flare tool that large, you could use it.
Otherwise, I'll have to figure something else out. I was thinking about
building up a ridge with solder, but I also want it to look decent.

Tony Hoffman

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... should be pretty easily done ... I wonder how big a deal it is to reduce
the diameter of the fitting that goes to the left side head ... I'll
probably do it anyway.  I'm a bit torn as to how I will deal with the outlet
diameter changes, first I thought to use the outlet sizes to set the "T"
size and see if I could enlarge the inlet somehow ... but then it is
probably easier to just get a larger "T" and insert smaller diameter
fittings into the outlets to do the flow restriction.  Has anyone seen a
method for swaging the fittings in a way that will hold the hose in place?

Tony, did you want me to take pictures or make any measurements on the
factory part for you?  The part I dissected is readily available in the
garage ...

Steve B
San Jose, CA (USA)

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> I'm going to make some sort of hose from copper tubing and 
> regular hoses.
> This is for the 4000/V8 as tth car was $700, the engine $250, 
> and I'm not
> paying $160 for a stupid hose for the thing.
> Tony Hoffman
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> ... I hear you Dave ... I had an almost brand new unit fail 
> in that same
> location on #344.  I thought that perhaps I had brought on 
> the failure when
> I muscled the hose around for some reason ... serp belt job perhaps?
> I still had the unit that failed with a leak in the molded 
> section ... so I
> decided to try to carefully disassemble.  What I found is 
> that under that
> nicely molded material there is a plastic "T" section and the 
> hose sections
> are held in place with crimped clamps.  What I was planning 
> to do when I had
> the need was to fashion a new "T" section with the 
> appropriate ID's on all
> the attachment points to allow individual hoses from a FLAPS 
> to be used.
> Has anyone else done anything along these lines?  If someone 
> is looking to
> do this I can take measurements and pictures of the molding 
> free hose ... 

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