[V8] Anyone Actually Buy From Discount Converters?

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> soon, I'm also
> wondering if it wouldn't be a bad idea to look into high flow
> cats and have
> them installed in place of the stock units ... anyone got any BTDT along
> these lines?

You're best off in CA if you buy cats that *look* as close to factory as
possible.  That would certainly mean that they should include any factory
bungs.  DMV has a database that you can search for EO parts
(http://www.arb.ca.gov/msprog/aftermkt/devices/amquery.php), however, all
the individual cats I looked at were CARB certified.  It should be noted
that welding the cats to anything but the factory exhuast makes them an
uncertified assembly.  Dealers and distributors will imply or sometimes even
tell you that their assembly is EO'd, but end up not being able to produce
the sticker ("the distributor said it was EO'd!").  In the end, you
shouldn't have problems with factory type or high-flows as long as they look
like the originals - not in every minute detail, but they must resemble the
drawing and description that the test tech has in his book.  Most places
won't look very carefully, but a Test-Only and the Referee station will.  A
common mistake is replacing a two-part cat with a single large cat.  That
would be an obvious visual change.

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