[V8] Re-Investing in my 93V8Q

Ralph Cook rcook at integrityplastics.com
Wed Aug 4 14:10:58 EDT 2004

Fellow listers,
I have finally decided to keep my 1993 V8Q which I have owned for seven years.
What can I say, The car is addictive.
I plan to have the Head gaskets replaced to stop an oil leak. Once I committed to this 
expenditure the rest seemed like a logical move.
That gasket replacement seems pretty straight forward. There are other nagging issues 
about which I seek your collective advice and experience.

The Bose stereo system. The right front door speaker wil "pop" after five minutes of operation.
I intend to replace that speaker only. Is this an indicator that the rest of the speakers are about to go?

The trip odometer has not functioned since I have owned this car. I recently read where a lister 
had addressed this without trashing the instrument cluster. Is this feasible?

The check engine light has been intermittently coming on and then going out. 
This seems to be unrelated to speed or other influences. I am told that it may be an
electrical connection near the exhaust system. What else would cause this light
to have a seven year life of its own? re-setting the codes lasts about three miles.

I would appreciate any input you may have.

Ralph Cook
1993 V8Q
2001 A6 4.2
1994 Toyota P/U

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