[V8] Re-Investing in my 93V8Q

Michael Larosa Jr Mc.Larosa at Sun.COM
Tue Aug 10 10:48:45 EDT 2004

if you are debating on trashing the bose and going aftermarket,  I'll 
dig up my detailed description of how i did it on my v8.


dsaad at icehouse.net wrote:
> Quoting Ralph Cook <rcook at integrityplastics.com>:
>>Fellow listers,
>>I have finally decided to keep my 1993 V8Q which I have owned for seven
>>What can I say, The car is addictive.
>>I plan to have the Head gaskets replaced to stop an oil leak. Once I
>>committed to this
>>expenditure the rest seemed like a logical move.
>>That gasket replacement seems pretty straight forward. There are other
>>nagging issues
>>about which I seek your collective advice and experience.
> If you are going this far, maybe you should consider a valve job - or at least
> replacing the valve seals. It will add some cost but should also basically give
> you a new motor. This of course depends on the overall mileage and condition of
> the motor.
>>The Bose stereo system. The right front door speaker wil "pop" after five
>>minutes of operation.
>>I intend to replace that speaker only. Is this an indicator that the rest of
>>the speakers are about to go?
> Curiously, my right front speaker is also going bad. I plan to try the repair on
> mine in the next few weeks, but generally you replace the biggest electrolytic
> capacitors in the power supply section of the amp. If you know what these are
> then the job is a snap. If not then you probably oughta send it off for repair
> or consider a whole system swap out with something more modern.
> This is really a matter of personal taste. I prefer the look of OEM but newer
> systems can sound better and offer more features.
> btw, my i-mac just had the same problem. It seems Apple got a bad batch of caps.
> This is a common problem with any electronics. In the i-mac case, Apple spec'ed
> and used a supposedly high quality and over rated part but it still failed.
>>The trip odometer has not functioned since I have owned this car. I recently
>>read where a lister
>>had addressed this without trashing the instrument cluster. Is this
> I can't remember exactly how this works, but if the main odometer works then it
> seems likely that the trip odo has simply slipped out of place somehow. You need
> to pull the cluster and inspect before I can offer a better guess.
>>The check engine light has been intermittently coming on and then going out.
>>This seems to be unrelated to speed or other influences. I am told that it
>>may be an
>>electrical connection near the exhaust system. What else would cause this
>>to have a seven year life of its own? re-setting the codes lasts about three
> We need to know what the code is to handle this one. WAG-O-THE-DAY is that you
> have a bad engine ground or somehow the exhaust pipe with the O2 sensor in it is
> not well grounded. You can run a ground braid cable from the pipe to the engine
> for next to nothing to see if this helps. You can also switch to the 4-wire Ford
> style O2 sensor.
> The other possibilities are endless though - so get the code next time.
> Dave
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