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Mike Arman wrote:
> From: Michael Larosa Jr <Mc.Larosa at Sun.COM>
> Subject: Re: [V8] Re-Investing in my 93V8Q
> if you are debating on trashing the bose and going aftermarket, I'll
> dig up my detailed description of how i did it on my v8.
> Mike,
> I'd be interested in this - the Bose system is long gone, and the 
> existing aftermarket system is, well, nothing special (and I'm being 
> *very* kind here. . . ).

Hi Mike,

Being divorced and broke.... I kept the bose speakers, but installed
an really nice alpine that I had kicking around.  bypassed all the amps
and simply routed new speaker wiring.  Worked pretty well :)

Here are the details:


I just gave up on my Bose yesterday.  Front driver side speaker making a
loud burbling noise, no music....  I put in my old Alpine am/fm/cassette
with 100 watts.  I ran I think it's 12 guage flat monster cable to all
4 speakers(Radio Shack 50 feet). Works pretty good :-)  lot of labor, but
it cost me a total of probably $25.- in speaker wire and connectors :-)
I'll do a large "How To" write up and post later.  It's probably a 4-6
hour project.....

Okay so I didn't do the write up...  busy at work....  :-(

Jan 2, 2002 update.....

A little more detail:


- Alpine am/fm/cassette,  was $425.- new about 5 years ago.

- 50 Feet of flat monster cable from Radio Shack,  $20.-

- not sure what you call these, but one is a flat rectangular, this
   would be the male side, and the female counterpart...  Let's
   see, needed 20 of these.

   	4 for each speaker wire pair.
   	2 for the power and ground.
- Wire stripper 	
- Multimeter
- Small Phillips screw driver
- allen wrench to remove door panels
- deep socket to remove rear speaker covers in trunk
- small size metric sockets, although I used english..
   (The Not Soon Enough To Be Ex Wife still has my tool box.... Don't ask)
- black electrical tape of course :-)

- a thick metal hanger, unless you allready have the stereo removal
   u shaped tools....

How to do it:

- Do you know the security code to your radio ?  if not, think hard
   about yanking it,  you'll have to go to the dealer to get the code
   if you ever want to re-install it....

- I started with the fronts.

	Pull up both carpets in front, both side panels on the center
	console, the plastic panel cover for the relays, the panel
	covering the fuses.
	You'll have to unscrew the bracket for the hood pull on the
	driver side panel,  then the nut on the bottom of that panel
	near the brake pedal. Remove the panel.
	Remove the knee panel below the steering wheel.
	Now take off the door panels,  this is where ya need that allen
	wrench and small phillips.  The procedure is in the archives...
	Once the panel is off, you can see the bose plastic boxes.
	Take the whole box off, then unscrew the cover, yes there
	are lots of screws :-)
	The speakers terminals are labled + and -  pull those
	Cut and crimp some lugs on the monster cable and attach.
	I used flat cable 'cause it followed the other wires nicely
	and fit under the strain relief :-)
	Fit the box to the door loosely....
	The Fun Part:
	You get to test snake that wire to get an idea of how long
	it needs to be.
	I snaked through the door along the bottom inside, through
	the door boot, then it went just below the steering wheel
	and into the center console area,  Give yourself an extra foot
	of wire.  It would really suck to have it to short.....
	Cut it, and start the actual snaking.....
	Repeat for the other door panel.
- Okay know for the rear speakers:
	Pull out the bottom back seat and those plastic moldings
	that cover the door sill.
	Head for the trunk with your deep socket set.
	Remove both speakers.
	NOTE:  Be carefull the magnet of the speaker doesn't yank the
	socket into the plastic housing.... Don't ask why I posted
	this note.... okay I'll tell ya...  The socket wasn't attached
	tight enough to the wrench... apparently... and when I put the
	screwdriver with the socket on the nut,  it got pulled clean off
	the socket and it got stuck inside.  I spent about 10 minutes
	trying to get out with no luck.  I grabbed a beer and pondered,
	then I simply broke a few plastic pieces off the side of the
	plastic cover and pulled it out.... not pretty... :-(
	Allrighty, same drill as the front speakers,  disconnect the
	circular connector, then pull off the 2 wires to the speaker
	terminals, I don't remember if these are labled, but the smaller
	terminal is positive.  This is how the fronts are.
	Connect the monster cable to the speakers,  test snake it with the
	other wire in the plastic housing.
	run the cable out over the side of the car into the back seat and
	follow the door sill to the front,  follow the same path as the front
	cables at this point.  again give yourself an extra foot and cut it.
	Okay, now pull the black felt away on the rear fender, right where
	the speaker bolts up, you should see a hole to route the wire through.
	Push through a couple of feet, now pull the vertical part of the
	rear seat forward a little from the side, hopefully you can see the
	wire.  Pull it through, carefull not to pull to hard and pull the
	speaker itself into the rear bulkhead :-)
	I pushed that flat cable into the door sill channel so that it
	just fit underneath those silver clips, than ran it at a 90 on the
	front door sill,  follow the front door wire.....
	You get to figure out which wires on your deck are for your
	speakers :-)

- Removing the radio.

	Cut up the hanger into to 2 pieces approx 8" long, bend it into
	a U shape.  The tops of the U need to match the 2 vertical holes
	on either side of your radio.
	Push them into the holes, then put pressure on them towards
	the doors.  Pull.....
	Disconnect the connectors....

- This is what I did for power.....
	I got out the multimeter and probed I believe a yellow wire
	on the connector that comes out of the back of the bose. It is a
	constant power.  You can choose a wire that's only on with the
	key on,  but my deck has a clock, so I wanted constant power.

	I didn't want to permently cut any of the original wires, so	
	I trimmed about a half inch of plastic from the wire, then
	twisted the half inch of that exposed copper like a twist tie,
	put a spade on there and crimped it.
	Did this for the ground wire as well.

Luckily my deck fits perfectly in the hole, with just a little bit
of tension.

Know you get to power it up and see if everything works, put all the panels
and such back together.

Good Luck!

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> Also, my V8 is sulking - wife is out of town, so I've been running 
> errands in her 626 (yawn, whadda boring car, but how excited can you get 
> going to the grocery store?).
> Anyway, the battery went dead, probably almost gone anyway, and after 
> installing a new battery, no start - and the distinct smell of excess 
> fuel. No improvement after sitting overnight - any quick suggestions 
> before I play blink-the-codes?
> Best Regards,
> Mike Arman
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