FW: [V8] Replacement Radiator

cobram at juno.com cobram at juno.com
Fri Aug 13 12:44:10 EDT 2004

The radiator I received was NOT a GM application, but a GM inner core
with the correct Audi ends on it.  Everything lined up perfectly except
for a little piece that had to be notched and cut off from the top.  I
bought it from http://www.discountradiators.com/ at the time, and the
price difference was substantial compared to any other source. Dave Head
got his from the same place, if I recall correctly he's the one that
recommended Discount Radiator to me.

I would try and find an all metal one.  While the factory "plastic"
radiator may last 10+ years, our cars are getting to the point where
routine maintenance and repairs mean that we'll probably be pulling,
leaning on, prying, etc. on it and the hoses more in the next couple
years than since the cars were new.  Based on my experiences with both
types, I will always go with an all metal unit if available.

If you guys do find an all metal unit please post, I'm going to replace
the radiator in V8Q #1 as preventative maintenance, the engine gets a bit
warmer than it should when ambient temps get up, she still has the
factory installed radiator, so at 15+ years I figure it's overdue.

"Buchholz, Steven" <Steven.Buchholz at kla-tencor.com> writes:

> willing to spend almost $300 for one not spec'ed for the V8, it should
be no 
> problem putting down $200 for the right part ... 

> > Remember to get the replacement o-ring seals for the 
> > transmission cooler.  I also had a rather difficult time 

> >  >  In looking through my archives, I see that Cobram bought one from
> >  >  Discount Radiators that has a GM application, Model #GM C96 
> >  >  for $199 including shipping.  The email I have is before it was 
> >  >  installed.  Cobram, can you verify this one will fit?

> >  >  Also, Dave Head bought another one from Discount Radiator, Model
> >  >  #225 for $199, which has the specific application for the 90 V8Q
> >  >  seems to be ALL metal, but needs a notch cut out to clear the 
> >  >  latch.

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