[V8] Photos too painful to look at...

Coleman, David David.Coleman at blackrock.com
Tue Aug 17 10:11:41 EDT 2004

As they say in racing, "In a Spin, Both Feet In" (i.e. de-clutch and lock 'em up)... the hard part is acknowledging when all is lost -- though it sounds like your incident definitely could've been worse!


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> Yeah,
>   Sometimes you just get yourself into stuff you just can't 
> get out of - I
> went around a car at 55 on a wet back mountain road - went 
> around him in a
> RH corner followed by a LH corner that I didn't have the shoes for,
> overcorrected and when the car caught it slungshot me toward 
> the LH gard
> rail - which in turn caused me to steer full lock to the 
> right and when
> that caught I spun 180 to land in a ditch on the RH side pointing the
> wrong direction!  Needless to say the guy I passed didn't 
> even slow down -
> Cracked bumper, bent strut, two off-the-rim tires.  I 
> re-mounted the tires
> and drove it the next day!
>                                  Could have been worse,
>                                                   Jason
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