[V8] V8 Avant Photos

Jeremy Ward jward at mti-interactive.com
Tue Aug 17 19:24:59 EDT 2004

I didn't even pick up on the orange tail lights...  Why didn't they use
red ones?

I think the interior is from the Classic Line Option which included the
white gages...  As a 25,000DM option, it better come with a friggin bier

More info on the classic line can be found on Maik's website:

Car is the Green color scheme...

- Jeremy

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Thanks for digging in on this so much Jeremy!  It was great to see all
pictures Reinhold has collected!  I wonder if they would let someone who
trying to emulate this car have a look from the inside ... :-)

Notes taken:
- Interesting to see that the car uses the standard 200 Avant tail
... I was planning to go with the V8 style myself
- I see white-faced gauges in one picture ... were those ever available
the 200/V8?
- This car is black, correct?  That is one feature I would not emulate

Steve B
San Jose, CA (USA)
> I think Steve was asking for these not too long ago, so here they are:
> http://www.audi200.at.tt/sonstiges/12.jpg 
> http://www.audi200.at.tt/sonstiges/13.jpg 
> http://www.audi200.at.tt/sonstiges/14.jpg 
> http://www.audi200.at.tt/sonstiges/15.jpg 
> http://www.audi200.at.tt/sonstiges/16.jpg 
> http://www.audi200.at.tt/sonstiges/17.jpg 
> http://www.audi200.at.tt/sonstiges/18.jpg 
> http://www.audi200.at.tt/sonstiges/19.jpg 
> http://www.audi200.at.tt/sonstiges/20.jpg 
> http://www.audi200.at.tt/sonstiges/21.jpg 
> http://www.audi200.at.tt/sonstiges/22.jpg 
> Was just posted today by Reinhold on the audiv8.com forum...
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