[V8] V8 Avant?

Roger M. Woodbury rmwoodbury at downeast.net
Wed Aug 18 06:38:49 EDT 2004

Great pictures.  But I am not convinced that it is really a V8.  I didn't
see an engine picture, was there one?

This looks to me like the final iteration of my 200 20V Avant project that
is sort of stalled now.  Stalled not for interest, but it does have
something to do with the Porsche 928 that my wife found on eBay and made me
buy.  (Well, ok, ok, ok....that's a slight exaggeration!).

Anyway, my 200 20 Valve will have to have its left front fender removed and
repositioned.  In addition, the gazillion little chrome pieces that go
across the nose and around headlights and so forth, will also have to be
replaced, along with the gazillion little plastic thingys that hold those
little gazillion chrom pieces on....

Can I build an argument for replacing the nose on my this car with a clip
from a V8?  I have been quoted less than $700 for an entire clip.  Makes me
wonder, and since the job isn't going to be tackled until at least next
winter, there is time....

But now, I am thinking about a color change for this car.  It is presently
(was originally), Panther Black.  But a really, REALLY intense dark green,
with its grey leather interior would work really well....and while I am
changing the color, I could get rid of the roof rack.....

Now, if I could get a wheel guy to repaint the centers of the OEM BBS wheels
gold, that would be waaaay cool....I think


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