[V8] Re-investing in my 93

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Jason -
As a testament to using synthetic oil in an IC engine -
My 1986 Jetta GLI w/ 240K has always used synthetic oil since new.  My oil change interval was 18-14K.
I have never had the engine open for ANY mechanical issues. (ok, valve guide seals and oil pan gasket).
The real benefit of using synthetic oil is the improved lubrication properties and the increased drain interval. Racers will use it to squeeze every advantage they can and minimize any lubrication breakdown related failure during a race.  
I would never subject my car to the long drain intervals without a regular oil analysis performed by a certified ISO/ASTM Oil Testing Lab.  I want to know what is going on inside the crankcase.
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and the '86 Jetta GLI M
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Sorry about the blank post,
  My car has 178K on it and I had the whole upper part of the motor apart
at 160K for leaks - looked perfect, a little gummy but not bad, no wear. I
have used conventional castrol 20w-40 and Mann filters since 116K, My dad
used synthetic from 60K to 116K, and before that who knows? - My point is
this, synthetic is fine if you've got the money, or if you are going to
race it daily, but for me the conventional is just fine.  And, gasp!, I
don't change my oil but every 6K (sometimes 7K) - the car runs like a
champ.  My v8 is to the point in life where a synthetic oil change could
total it ;)

                           I feel the scowls of the purists,

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