[V8] RE: Dino vs Synthetic Oil

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Mon Aug 23 17:47:01 EDT 2004

Ken Ken Ken

You are not "Cheap". Frugal maybe but not Cheap :-)


Quoting "Stafford, Kenneth A." <stafford at WPI.EDU>:

> > As a testament to using synthetic oil in an IC engine -
> >
> > My 1986 Jetta GLI w/ 240K has always used synthetic oil since
> > new.  My oil change interval was 18-14K.
> >
> > I have never had the engine open for ANY mechanical issues.
> > (ok, valve guide seals and oil pan gasket).
> >
> Counterpoint:  My 91 V8 w/ 225K has never seen syn oil and, in fact, has
> suffered whatever dino oil the local discount place had on sale.  Oil/filter
> (Mann's @$8/ea through 1-800-VWPARTS) interval 5K.
> It has also never been opened up at ALL.  I fill it to the "full" mark on
> the
> dipstick (~10 qts).  Have never had it below the "add" mark before 5K.
> IMO/E, the syn is definitely better, but with the huge oil capacity and
> superb oil cooling system of our V8s, dino works fine and is more cost
> effective. (15K = 20qts @ $1 vs 14qts @ $4--assuming syn burns at about the
> same rate and is changed at 15K).  But then again, I am that guy that has
> burned 87 oct for the 120K that I have owned the car, turn my own UFOs,
> fixed
> my own Bose,...cheap-cheap-cheap...YMMV!
> BTW, I did use syn in my Fiat 124 Spt Cpe from 150K to 250K--then quit when
> it started burning a qt every 2K.
> Ken
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