[V8] 016 transmission anyone?

Jeremy Ward jward at mti-interactive.com
Wed Aug 25 02:18:25 EDT 2004

016 transmission for someone looking to do a 5-spd conversion...?
No affiliation, but I have dealt with Alex in the past and know him to be a good guy.
- Jeremy

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	Subject: Parting out 1991 200 TQ
	Hi Everyone,
	As some of you know, I am parting out a 1991 200 TQ.  It was hit on the right rear door / quarter panel.  The car is white on gray.  I still have lots of the parts that usually disappear quick (engine, tranny, etc.).
	I would like to sell the engine as a complete set (transplant candidate) but if enough people want the set broken up then that is what will happen.
	Some of the goodies:
	S4 front struts
	Fresh Subframe / Stabilizer Bar Bushings / Delrin Subframe Bushings / Control arms
	Euro Lights with Harness
	(Euro Light Pictures are large, 1.3 mb each)
	Passenger Sport Seat (good condition)
	Transmission 016 with 4.11 final drive and Torsen (and a free 4.11 rear diff)
	Drive line
	Interior Trim
	Window Regulators (except RR)
	Glass, doors, blah, blah, blah.
	If it is a weird $2 part that takes half an hour to pull off (and it will probably break), then you can come over and get it yourself for free.  The car will be heading the great scrap heap in the sky early next week (8/30 or so).
	Call or email, 425-398-1284, aneckas at comcast.net
	p.s. Could those of you on other various and sundry Audi lists please pass this on?  TIA!

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