[V8] tonight's v8 agenda

Ed Kellock ekellock at gmail.com
Fri Aug 27 01:39:49 EDT 2004

breather hose, fusible link, pentosin tank leaks

Drive-Rite 300073 from Advance Auto trimmed to fit with 2 hose clamps
FLP-80 off-the-shelf fusible link "adapted" to oe fusible link base block
removed and cleaned Pentosin reservoir
trimmed the ends of all 3 hose that attach to its bottom
reinstall, refill.

was fun to twist the old breather hose and see it separate and disintegrate
hey look, the electric cooling fan runs now when I turn on the a/c
oooh, pretty pentosin tank.

both the cruise control and the central locking function are inop.  I
see a vacuum pump behind the pentosin reservoir which is connected to
the CC vacuum.  Is this also connected to the central locking

carry on.

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