[V8] Re: Eurologht Connector Wiring

Jeremy Ward jward at mti-interactive.com
Sat Aug 28 11:09:21 EDT 2004

There are 2 mail benefits to using relays on your headlights...

1) It will keep your under-engineered headlight switch from becoming a
fuse (the weakest link in your headlamp circuit).  Murphy's Law says it
will only fail on the darkest night when you are the farthest away from

2) Because of the voltage drop in the very long, small gauge headlamp
wiring run, you don't get full current / voltage at your bulbs.  The
formula for lumens is exponential with regards to current, so a small
current drop can make a big difference in the amount light your bulbs
can throw.  Relays allow you larger gauge wires and shorter wiring runs;
both will get you closer to 100% lumens that your bulbs are capable
under ideal circumstances.


- Jeremy

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Isn't it a good idea to relay them, regardless of whether you have Euros
or not?

'90 V8q (Magnecor wires on the way)
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