[V8] this weekend's v8 agenda

Ed Kellock ekellock at gmail.com
Mon Aug 30 16:30:24 EDT 2004

Decided to go along to the farmer's market with the GF Saturday
morning so I had her drive in "her" "new" car that I'd been
alternately pampering/flogging all week since purchase.

We get pretty much there and stoped for a few minutes to meet some
friends.  After she and the female half of "some friends" took off in
the V8, a phone call is received and I overhear the words "just park
it off the street and we'll be right there".  I envisioned bent sheet
metal and broken glass but fortunately it was only a dead engine.

We arrived and I borrowed someone's bottled water and poured it just
inboard of the driver's side distributor and the car started right up.
 Yea.  So I limped it home, having to irrigate the sensor at least
four more times.  Once on the interstate it was much happier with all
that extra airflow.

Anway, need to replace the sensor, will probably replace both.  

Also tackled the torn inner cv boot (driver's side).  Done.

Has anyone bought the engine speed/ref sensor lately?  Where and how much?  


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