[V8] Audi 2.7 twin turbo 4-sale in Tampa Bay

John Karasaki John.Karasaki at pgn.com
Thu Dec 2 12:26:21 EST 2004

Hi Dave,
I saw this car while surfing Craig's list.  Seems like a smoking deal
in your area!  $7700.  http://tampa.craigslist.org/car/50225646.html
The ad doesn't list the mileage, however.
Do you live near Clearwater Beach?  I'm giving a presentation next week
at a conference there.  I'm not sure how much free time I will have. 
However, if your close and you send me your phone number, and I can
break away, maybe we can meet up?
Best Regards,
John P. Karasaki, P.E.
Senior Project Manager
Portland General Electric Earth Advantage National Center
16280 SW Upper Boones Ferry Road
Portland, Oregon 97224
(503) 603-1629
(503) 603-1720 fax

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