[V8] Bose rear amps catch fire?

Pat Gillen pat_gillen at msn.com
Mon Dec 6 10:50:04 EST 2004

Thanks, Ingo.  Gotta go to work now but I'll look at the car this evening
and off to the dealer tomorrow.  Will let you all know what I find out.

Pat Gillen

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> Pat,
> I had brought in my 200 (after I had brought it in earlier) when the parts
> had arrived.  They said my car DID NOT qualify because the amp circuit
> boards where the soldered in vs. the plug-in type.  :-(   Apparently, they
> just unplug the old ones and plug in the new ones.
> -Ingo
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> Subject: [V8] Bose rear amps catch fire?
> Does anyone have the specific part numbers of the Bose amplifiers that are
> suspected of overheating and burning the car?  My 90V8Q was bot used and
> original owner had the "radio" dealer-replaced 2 times in 1993; his
> don't define "radio" or give part numbers.
> I have read dozens of old posts on this and have missed this data if it
> ever written.  As I understand the problem, only the1990 and 1991 model
> years could have this problem.
> Thanks for your help.
> Pat
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