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A friend's 91 in relatively the same condition went on ebay for $6100 a few months back at no reserve, though the rs6 and s8 in the background of the pics probably didn't hurt, and it had been dealer serviced by the the same tech for its entire 210k life (but as yours it had an issue or two).

If I were selling mine I'd probably ask $6k and be willing to negotiate only because if I were serious I wouldn't feel like dealing with the hassle over the few grand more it's worth to me. As they say, it's only worth what someone's willing to pay. 

That said, are you sure you want to part with such a cool car?  (sinister laugh muffled)

My twopence, davec

David A. Coleman
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Believe it or not, I'm approaching the point of possibly selling my 1990 V8 
5spd and am looking for advice on pricing it.  Edmonds and KBB seem useless. 
  I looked at the V8s on Ebay, but all are automatics, and none fit the 
description of my car.  From what I can tell, the values vary significantly, 
from car to car and from Edmonds and KBB.

My car is titanium with gray leather, sports seats, BBS 15" mesh wheels and 
all the usual options.  Car's been in the family since being purchased from 
the local dealer in 1990 and has been kept in fairly good condition.  It is 
a Northern California car and has been all its life.  No major accidents, 
but the car was scraped along right rear back in 1992, which required 
repainting to the right rear quarter panel.  Leather looks great for a car 
of this age.  Car cleans up nicely.  I have all manuals, including the 5 
speed insert.

There's about 190,000 total miles on the car, but about 56,000 miles on a 
factory new engine and clutch (don't ask about the broken timing belt on 
last engine).  AVI Ultranator (alternator).  New battery.  New windshield.  
Clifford Alarm.  New belly pan in the past year.  New FPR.  K&N Air Filter 
for the past 20,000 miles.  Recently sensor replacement.  Recent hall sender 
replacement.   Koni shocks on front.  Miscellaneous switch lights (windows, 
seat heater) don't work, but everything else does. Air bag light remains on 
after start, but goes out.  Car was converted to G60's years ago ( I know 
there's a lot of disagreement over these, but I like 'em because I have 
never had throbbing from a warped disk over the past 6 years).  Driver's 
door lock broke years ago, but I never use it because it has the automatic 
open and locking system through the alarm.

Engine purrs--temperature and oil pressure are spot on.  1st-2nd shift is 
slightly notchy, but transmission is otherwise strong, as is the rest of the 
drive train.  Left front wheel bearing starting to make sounds, but only I 
notice it (must be sensitive). Rear tie rods are also beginning to squeak.  
I'll probably replace them prior to sale.  tires are relatively new.

Exhaust is in great condition, but last smog check required some idling 
before the car would pass, which I'm guessing means either that the cats are 
tired, or that the FPR was acting up before I replaced it recently to 
eliminate black smoke on start up (it did).

Stereo has been replaced with earthquake speakers, blaupunkt Casablanca head 
and eclipse amp.  Has the thummer control.  Nice sound.

so what do you think?


Bill Gutierrez

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