[V8] front diff( EDL or just plain open?0

jpb3wvu at frontiernet.net jpb3wvu at frontiernet.net
Tue Dec 21 11:23:54 EST 2004

With my limited knowledge I beleive the front diff on the V8 is
open.  At least it looked so the one time I was in a ditch! 
Both back wheels spinning and only one front spinning which
would change sides depending how many people sat on the
appropriate side of the hood!


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> Just wondering if the reason the autmatic v8's have
> hmmm..........unbalnced traction front to rear, is beacause
> the front diff does not lock? Is it supossed to? I know ist
> not a torsen setup.......and it doest lock via knob or button
> in the car. So that leaves two possible answers....either its
> EDL and not working right.....or its just an open diff?Allan
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