[V8] front diff( EDL or just plain open?0

Ed Kellock ekellock at gmail.com
Tue Dec 21 13:25:34 EST 2004

That's what I was thinking too.  Mixed tires are never a good idea
regardless of Quattro.  This became crystal clear to me one night
while hanging upside down from my seatbelt in my Datsun 510.  What a
way to prepare for finals...

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... no quattro has had anything but an open diff up front ... from the
factory anyway ...

Your car does not have the sinister spider amidships ... rather it has
computer controlled locking mechanism in an open diff ... and in back
has a Torsen ...

I don't have any significant seat time in an AT variant, but from what
I've read I would imagine that the conditions of the tires contributed
to the situation ...

Steve B
San Jose, CA (USA)
... not arachnophobic ... even though I believe that I have tasted the
spider's bite ...
> Just wondering if the reason the autmatic v8's have
> hmmm..........unbalnced traction front to rear, is beacause
> the front diff does not lock? Is it supossed to? I know ist
> not a torsen setup.......and it doest lock via knob or button
> in the car. So that leaves two possible answers....either its
> EDL and not working right.....or its just an open diff?Allan
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