[V8] front diff( EDL or just plain open?0

Tony and Lillie tonyandlillie1 at earthlink.net
Tue Dec 21 15:22:47 EST 2004

The reason for the open front in Audi's is twofold. Room for a torsen/locker 
in the already crowded trans, and the way the car would handle with such 
installed. The center IS a locker in the V8. It is controled by the speed 
difference between the front and rear prop shafts. However, when not locked, 
it is an open differential. The rear is torsen, the front open.

BTW, anyone who has driven with both locked on an older car can tell you, it 
already feels a little funny. Add a locker/torsen to the steering wheels, 
and it gets ugly real quick. I've driven a Scout with locking front and 
rears off-road in the snow, and the wheel likes to fight you a lot with the 
front locked. Also makes it go like hell.

Just remember, these are "not off road vehicles". Jeez, doesn't anyone read 
their manuals! :)
(My 4000Q is our pickup, if ya know what I mean)

Tony Hoffman

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well if thats tue.....then its just plain dumb on audis part. If the
technology wasnt there for EDL up front, then they shoulve just made it
lockable vie button or knob. otherwise, what good is it in the snow with one
open and the rears being torque sensing? certanly not worthy of being called
a  true quattro in my opinion.Allan 

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