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Kent McLean kentmclean at mindspring.com
Wed Dec 22 17:46:25 EST 2004

> Coleman, David wrote:
> > My VAG experience doesn't include
> > any Type 44 five-poppers, so I was hoping anyone who has any specifics
> > for me to check out might let me know.

I have some Type 44 experience, not all of it good. :)
The I-5 is nearly bullet-proof, but the electricals will get you.
Power windows stop working, sunroof won't open, etc.  The
quattro list will tell you to avoid FWD Audis, but they still make
a fine ride.  If it's an automatic, they are reputed to be weak.
Rear brakes will freeze up due to emergency brake cables
rusting, and the rear pins rusting in place. Seat heaters, 
especially the driver's seat, probably won't work.  The AC 
(is it an automatic climate control?) will probably be on its last 
legs unless someone dumped some money into it.  The 
windshield, if dinged or pockmarked, is expensive due to the 
built-in radio antenna; mine was about $700.  And the DOT
spec headlights really, really s*ck.  I mean *really*.  I'd see
my cars shadow from the car behind me, even though my
lights were on. Euro headlights a 1000% times better, but 

I don't like the way the alternator belt is tightened; I've lost a
couple (on in a snow storm 250 miles from home). And the
belt has to be metric; Continental is a good brand. Don't
get the ubiquitous Gates.

Other than that, look at your usual used car issues: engine
compression, exhaust, tires, brakes, battery, fan, heater, 
defroster, condition of (leather?) seats, radio, etc.

'94 100 S Avant (FWD)
'89 200 TQ, "Bad Puppy" has a new home

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