[V8] Help Diagnosing V8 Fuel Problem...

Jeremy Ward jward at mti-interactive.com
Tue Feb 3 16:33:14 EST 2004

I had problems like what you describe with my old '80 4k...  It was on
our honeymoon crossing the Canadian border.  Ah what a memorable moment
in Audi ownership history...

It turns out I just had some bad gas (pardon me).  It finally cleared up
on it's own after a tank or 2.  I think I changed the fuel filter when I
got home to be on the safe side.

Did you fill up in any Podunk towns recently?  Just a thought...  

Is it isopropyl alcohol that is supposed to 'dry' out any moisture out
of your tank?  Can't remember for sure, or if this is even a possibility
for your symptoms.

Happy troubleshooting,

- Jeremy

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This car's symptoms are a little different than you describe.  It
will not accelerate or go up hills, constant speeds like on a highway
no problem.   This is also not subtle at all, it's very apparent, like
whole bank has stopped firing.  If it occurs when attempting to
fast from a dead stop, the car will barely move...it would probably take
seconds to hit 15 mph.  Also, it won't fix itself until you let the car
down to idle for a second or two.  Once it's "broke" it stays broke
you let off the gas completely and the engine returns to idle.

If you aren't getting any codes, then vagcom won't help you more.
can tell you why the code happened (short to ground, short to +12, open 
circuit, etc...) which is pretty darn handy IF you have codes ;)   The
nifty thing about vacom is you can monitor some of the car's vitals in
time under the basic engine settings section.  Section D2-70 thru -90 of

bentley is needed to know what you're looking at.

Alan Kramer

'83 CGT 20vt
'86 4kcsq
'90 V8q
'83 UrQ #519 (recipient)
'91 V8q (engine donor)


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