[V8] Re: Inner CV Joint removal

Mark Kalbskopf mkalbskopf at earthlink.net
Thu Feb 5 13:57:39 EST 2004

Steve, I seem to remember when looking at the outer CV joint some years 
ago, that the circlip was nowhere to be seen (unlike on the the 5000)  
and had to be snapped off somehow by screwing in a bolt with great 
force or some such procedure.
So is the circlip visible after dropping the inner joint?
Also , it looks mighty cramped in there for getting at the joint!!

Mark K

> Date: Wed, 4 Feb 2004 11:49:54 -0800
> From: "Buchholz, Steven" <Steven.Buchholz at kla-tencor.com>
> Subject: RE: [V8] Inner CV joint removal
> ... no BTDT on the V8, but you can usually get enough clearance to 
> swing the
> half shaft free of the drive flange by steering the wheels left or 
> right ...
> if that fails it isn't that difficult to remove the lower suspension
> locating mechanism so the bottom of the strut swings free ... at that 
> point
> there should be no problem getting the inner CVJ out ...
> The inner CVJ is usually quite simple to R&R, the circlip that holds 
> the
> part of the CVJ that attaches to the half shaft is right at the end of 
> the
> shaft ... remove the clip and drive the CVJ off ...
> Steve B
> San Jose, Kaleefohnia (USA)
>> What's the procedure again for removing the inner CV joint so I can
>> replace the  rubber boot?
>> And do I have to remove the complete  driveshaft or can I just drop
>> down the inner connection?

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