[V8] Door locks

Jeremy Ward jward at mti-interactive.com
Fri Feb 6 13:24:24 EST 2004

Hmmm.  Sounds to me like the key is mechanically unlocking your door,
but the vacuum pump to the other door's locks is lagging behind.  Air

Pump is located under rear seat (or at least it was on my 100...) and is
what makes the vvvvvvv sound as the door lock (vacuum) actuators do
their magic.

Good luck,

- Jeremy

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Ed and I have been discussing our V8's power unlock mechanism.

Specifically, my car unlocks only the driver's door with a quick twist
of the key, and will unlock all remaining locks if I twist and hold for
a moment or two.   But other '91s don't have the driver's-only
capability -- the only option is to hold the key for all locks open.

Mine is a later model '91 (April '91?) and the VIN ends in 2319.  There
is a definite sense of cylinder action happening, while on both Ed's and
my friend's earlier (12/90) '91 model that don't have the quick-twist
function, the key action is more vague.

Are these malfunctions, or is this a feature that found its way into
later models?

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