[V8] Door locks

Jeremy Ward jward at mti-interactive.com
Fri Feb 6 13:34:22 EST 2004

This sounds more like what happened to mine.  There is a part on the
back of the lock that breaks off fairly easily.  I decided to spend the
money on a keyless alarm system instead of a new lock.

When I first joined the list I did a write up on how to interface a
keyless alarm system to the factory door locks (as the archives are
dead, see below).

For the rest of the wire colors, check here:


- Jeremy
There was a post a couple of months ago asking how to install an alarm
into a '90 V8Q.  I thought I would share my experiences as an Installer
(past life) with you all.

First, take a look at the diagram on
http://www.the12volt.com/doorlocks/page3.asp#vac; you will need to refer
to this diagram often during installation.  For those of you that are
not familiar how a relay works, let me explain. If #85 is grounded and
#86 is connected to 12V+ (or vise versa), then #30 is shorted to #87. If
the ground or the 12V+ (or both) are missing, then #30 is shorted to
#87a; this is the normal resting state of the relay.

Because of the nature of the vacuum locks on the Audis, sometimes the
GREEN W/ BLUE STRIPE going from the door lock actuator sends a positive
(12V+) signal to the rest of the central locking system, and sometimes
it sends a negative signal (ground).  That being said, most alarm
systems don't have outputs to accommodate this.  Therefore you have to
connect the 'negative lock' wire coming from your alarm to Left-86 and
the 'negative unlock' wire from your alarm to the Right-85.  (I may have
those backwards, in which case it will lock your system when you tell it
to unlock, vise versa; switch them if that is the case).  If your alarm
only does positive (12V+) output to the door locks, make sure Left-85
and Right-86 are grounded; the rest of the diagram is still accurate.

You will also have to cut your GREEN W/ BLUE STRIPE wire from the
driver's door vacuum lock actuator.  (This wire can be found inside the
drivers door, and also down by the drivers left foot, where the wiring
harness enters the cabin from the door.)  Once cut, connect the end that
goes to the vacuum door lock actuator to Left-87a.  Connect the end that
goes to the central vacuum lock system to Right-30.

Hopefully our friends at www.the12volt.com don't change their webpage
often, but if they do, draw a picture of (2) relays with the following

Relay #1 (Left Relay)
Left-30  -  Right-87a
Left-85  -  12V+
Left-86  -  Alarm 'negative lock'
Left-87  -  Ground
Left-87a -  GREEN W/ BLUE STRIPE from drivers door lock

Relay #2 (Right Relay)
Right-30  -  GREEN W/ BLUE STRIPE to central vacuum lock system Right-85
-  Alarm 'negative unlock' Right-86  -  12V+ Right-87  -  12V+ Right-87a
-  Left-30

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Right, on mine, the key feels like it is only turning a rotating switch.
It does not feel at all like it is actually turning a lock cylinder.

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