[V8] Oxygen sensor alternatives...

Ed Kellock ekellock at adelphia.net
Fri Feb 6 16:58:27 EST 2004

That'd be a Bosch 15716.

From: Hoffman Anthony J A1C 552 CMS/MXMVC <Anthony.Hoffman at tinker.af.mil>
Date: 2004/01/30 Fri AM 08:28:02 MST

The application I have used is the 1993 F150 5.0L(Thanks, Keith). It is a
four wire, and will cure the "surging" or irregular acceleration of the V8.
I also went to a junk yard and got the plug to make replacement easier in
the future. The two white wires go to the same, the black to black, and the
grey wire goes to a good ground. I ran mine on the left strut tower by the
air snorkel. It has helped running and gas mileage a lot.

Tony Hoffman

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