[V8] V8] Clicking noise from the center differential

jpb3 jpb3wvu at frontiernet.net
Tue Feb 10 22:18:13 EST 2004

> I have a somewhat similar situation, except mine is clicking all the time
> when under load.  I had the car parked for a long time during the brutal
> cold and needed to get it to my dad's shop to begin TB job.  The car never
> made this clicking sound until now.  It only happens under load and seems
> be coming from the trans area/ right rear passenger footwell.  It does it
> under load and then ceases when the mph get up above 55 or around there,
> too sure, but does go away higher in the mph range.  I drove it to the
> and haven't tried it since b/c I am in the middle of replacing TB.  I am
> very scared that I have just spent all this $$$ doing the TB service and
> my tranny/center diff is going to fail.  Any ideas what could be causing
> clicking sound?  If it is the center diff why would it start doing this
> of a sudden after sitting for a while?  It never did this before, even
> the tires would spin AFAIK.  Any thoughts???
> john burns
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> Subject: [V8] Clicking noise from the center differential
> > Has anyone experienced a clicking noise from the center differential
> > the tires are spinning. I was towing some cars last weekend(without
> tires),
> > and when the tires would spin in the dirt, there was the clicking noise.
> > wasn't sure if this was the center diff trying to lock, or something
> else(I
> > hope the trans isn't going).
> >
> > Thanks
> > Tony Hoffman
> > 1991 V8
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