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Yeah, but now you don't have to worry whether or not your car has had the cruise control linkage factory recall...  At least until you hit 149mph, and then you are on your own.  ;-)

- Jeremy

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I've been running Michelins from the Price Club (Costco)for the past 10 years on all 3 of my V8's.  The last time I went there they told me they could not put "H" rated tires on the car because some idiot sued them when he got into an accident at over 100 mph and blamed the Price Club for putting on "H" rated tires instead of "V" rated.  From what I understand the tires had absolutely nothing to do with the accident.

I now have "V" rated tires that were +-30% more $$$$$ and get 30% less life!!!  Oh well - only in America.

Bob Blake

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