[V8] Removing Transmission

cobram at juno.com cobram at juno.com
Thu Feb 12 00:20:33 EST 2004


Well, I've FINALLY gotten around to changing the flywheel (flex
plate..whatever) in V8Q #1.   She's been sitting for almost a year. 
First thing I did was pull the starter (BOY, was that rear bolt FUN,
thanks alot for that one Hans.) No surprise, the flywheel had the Alfred
E Neuman syndrome.  But WHY?  Fellow Qlister Jeremy got me
thinking.....how could #1 son had "started" the car when it was already
running, if Audi ignitions won't let you make that mistake?  Fuel
Pressure regulator wasn't more than a few months old.  During the summer
(car had already been dead several months) I had pulled the plugs to do
some other checks and shrzzzp, it sure sounded like I had stripped a few
more teeth as she cranked over.

The culprit seems to have been the starter!  I took the starter to a
rebuilder, and he showed me the huge amount of distance between the hole
of the bendix teeth and the shaft.  According to him, this play could
cause enough of a cocked mating to the flex plate teeth to take chunks
off of them.  I'd never seen this before in a V8Q, but, I always seem to
be that guy hits all lotteries with the ridiculous odds...only the prizes
suck. ;-)

I've already dropped the exhaust, heat covers, drive shafts and only wish
I could find the previous posts or remember specifics (I'm getting old)
on transmission removal.  I remember something about engine support and
shifting weight.  I'm doing this on a borrowed lift in a professional
garage with an engine hoist and transmission jack.


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