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Thu Feb 12 10:15:56 EST 2004

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> Ah crap.  Didn't forward.  Stupid AOL... (insert something about AOL's mom 
> here).  Anyway, the Tire Rack expert said regardless of size, run 36 psi 
> front and rear.  According to his notes.  

 Tire Rack's "expert" is prohibited from recommending anything that isn't 
backed by the manufacturer's documentation.....insurance BS.

 Optimum tire pressures are determined in real life by tire wear patterns, 
ride, handling, etc etc etc and can be different between brands even when the 
nominal size is the same.

 Case study: 1990 Audi V8.  245/40-18 Kumho ECSTA 712's. 

 At Audi's recommended 36psi the tires were visibly bowed on the front. Tire 
wear patterns showed definate underinflation wear on outer edges. Ride was 
horrible, steering response significantly slow and vague, tramlining prominant.

 At Kumho's recommended 40-44 psi on the front only, steering response 
drastically improved, wear pattern was consistant across thread face, ride mush was 
gone, tramlining nearly disappeared.

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